Hi pretty are you today?

So..I want to share about nailpolish..

I just bought it and I thougth it will be black color with the glitters..but it isn’t as’s only glitter..

I tried it..and..hmmm..not bad..hahaha..

So what do you think? Is it good enough right? Have you try it?

Maybe it will be awesome if you use plain nailpolish first.

Ok good night girls..


Nail polish : H&M (Starstruck)


15 Comments on “Starstruck”

  1. Nope sweetie you still are not showing, and the counter is saying the same. My GFC is working because I had some new followers today, though.


  2. Whatever it was that has gone wrong now you are showing 🙂 Thx for trying over and over again honey. It's much appreciated. Please let's keep in touch honey.kisses


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