Bird House Exhibition

A few days ago.. I went to Bird House Exhibition, there’s so cool..besides that..there showed the unique furniture and many attractions..
Actually the palce is a litlle bit creepy but I love the place..they leased the army warehouse that are not being used..the aura of the earlier times is very pronounced. I like the building, windows, and the floor..
And the last one that I love is the food!!! because I get a free meal..hahaha..
ok..Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!


wearing : BW Cardigan – The Executive, Wide Leg Pants – (boutique), leather bag – Fossil, glasses – Garasi Opa
wedges shoes – Proudly, neclace – (art exhibition), watch – Swatch

41 Comments on “Bird House Exhibition”

  1. Hi and thank you for your visit! :)I have looked at your photos and it looks quite interesting! As you said, a little creepy but it sure looks unique, different. I'm following you now on Facebook and Bloglovin :)Have a nice day! Andra


  2. oohh I love your pants!It looks a lot like a maxi skirt which can be quite handy in this fasting season right? :)the place does look a bit creepy..but at least you get great pics! :)love your sunnies too<3The Sweetest Escape


  3. Interesting trip! I like your pants… so amazing! Thanks for your comment… so, I am following you on GFC and bloglovin…. I hope that you do the same :)


  4. Amazing!!!Would you like to follow each other?!Let me know!xoxo


  5. waooow nice place,,,teh.the area where did held?the exhibition only once in one year?your outfit very simple but you look pretty as usual:)


  6. Wow it looks amazing, where are you?? Thank you for commenting on my blog, I have checked you out and love all of your photography! I've followed you on gfc and bloglovin hope you will do the same


  7. the place at jl.Gudang's office of 347 (distro)the exhibition only once, maybe next time they have a different theme..hahaha..Thank you Dj..


  8. Great post!! Pretty photos, dear!)Of course- follow your blog))) Hope, you'll follow me)


  9. These are really nice pictures! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm following you hopefully you follow back :)


  10. Hey 🙂 Thanks a lot for visited and commented on my blog. I'm following you so we can share each other. :DAnyway, the place looks creepy and very old. I don't know, I feel I can smell a spooky inside there like an old blood. LOL!xoxo,


  11. You look AMAZING in this outfit. Really great photos that you have there too! What camera did you use for that?X,Soph(


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