Joged Bumbung

Hi lovely people..
Today I want to share about one of folk dance in my country.. guess what from where it is?’s one kind dance from Bali.. ^_^
This photo was taken about 2 years ago.. My group and I danced in World Lupus day event..


‪#‎FolkDance‬ Joged Bumbung: ‘Joged’ means a joyful dance while ‘Bumbung’ is the kind of bamboo gamelan instrument played for this dance. Originally performed during harvest celebrations, it is a merry, popular dance of Bali in which brightly-dressed dancers invite people from the crowd to dance along with them.

Photo of teacher and dancers of Bengkel Tari after performing Joged Bumbung in Bandung, 2011.
I love traditonal dance.. but why many young people not interest with the culture, while the foreigners eager to learn about our culture, it’s so ironic.. ^0^
Ok..back to the topic..hihihi…
I like the colorful and it’s really simple than the others bali’s dance costume..

Actually I still want to share many kind of the bali’s dance, but maybe for the next post..
hope you enjoy it and have nice weekend..^_^

22 Comments on “Joged Bumbung”

  1. Wow what a stunning bunch of outfits. I can't dance to save my life (no co-ordination!) but would love to watch a show like this. So beautiful I bet


  2. Thank you so much.. :)yes you have to watch this..please come to my country someday.. ;)or if I have an opportunities to dance in your country (in an international festival), please come to watch.. ^_^


  3. Hi! What a nice post ! 😀 I'm a big fan of Bali's dances, and I'm crazy about Gamelan Bali rhythm ! I'm so proud of you, as a young girl in this modern decade you still keenly preserve our traditional culture. I'm looking forward to your next post about Bali's dances! It would be greater if you can add the video also 😉 Keep inspiring, Ayomi!xoxo,


  4. You have an amazing blog! :)Would you like to follow via Gfc, Bloglovin and Twitter?Much Love,


  5. You're so awesome!! I have ever try both of modern and traditional dance. And both of them are different. But still, the traditional one is the best. :DThank you for following me back. Keep in touch and posting!cheers,


  6. thank you..yes i think they are so contrary..modern and traditional are the same good, and I proud of you has do both of them..^_^


  7. oh i love all the bold and rich colors, thank you for sharing those beautiful photographs with us and introducing a piece of your culture to us 😉


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