Wishlist : Spring Look For Cold Weather

Hi people!

I am back with my wishlist spring outfit for this year.  Beginning spring in Sweden is not like you thought.  No sunnies, no flower picnic dress, nor sandal.  The sun just came for a while.  I checked the weather app and this week will be rainy continuously, huff..

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This is my wishlist for spring look 2016.  I don’t need brand same as on the picture, just similar things.  Excepting someone willing to give it to me. 😀

1.  Stripe Oversize Shirt
I want an oversize shirt for this spring, because it will look light and comfortable.  The shirt in the picture is from Zara.  I think the shirt is not an oversized shirt, but it’s looks nice.

2.  Black Ripped Jeans
Yes, I need a new one pair of jeans.  After I lose my weight, most of my jeans are too big for me. So now, I only have one pair of jeans that fits in me.  lol!

3.  Khaki Loose Sweater Coat
I think I don’t really need this coat, because I have another coat.  But I don’t have for this color, haha!

4.  White Sneakers
White sneakers is always happening for spring season, like spring last year.  Shoes in the picture is Adidas Superstar and I want it! 😀

5.  Gold Watch
Not real gold, just the color coating.  I have one gold watch but it’s faded now.  I want the new one. Hehe..

6.  Leather Satchel Handbag
This is the last thing for my wishlist,  leather satchel handbag.  Actually, I really want the bag as the picture (Longchamp 3D), but the price is too high for me. *sad*
It’s Ok! I just need a bag that can fit a lot of stuff.  I will find something similar as on the picture. 😉

Well.. that is my wishlist for spring look for cold weather.  If you need some idea and want to buy some new clothes for your outfit, you can visit Zalora.  There are many choice for woman’s clothes.

Do you have a wishlist for spring this year too? please let me know on your comment.. 🙂

Have a nice a day!

15 Comments on “Wishlist : Spring Look For Cold Weather”

  1. Duh, cewek itu pakaiannya flexibel ya kayaknya mbak 😀 dia mau pake ala-ala kecowokan juga tetep bisa. Lah cowok :’ terbatas wkwkw mau pake ala-ala cewek, kok agak gimana gitu ya :’


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