Beauty Review : Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – “Made It” Matte

Hi red lips lover!

If you do not have time to apply full makeup for unexpected event then wear a red lipstick, trush me it works!

Red and nude color is my favorite.  So as red lips lover, I want to review one of matte lipstick from Smashbox Be Legendary series. The shade is “Made It” matte.
Matte lipstick from Smashbox is one I want to try for awhile. I’m looking for “Infrared” matte shade, but the color is not available.  A little bit sad, then I see the one of shade that I never been seen before. It is “Made It” matte.  I’m in love with the color.  I think they have new shade series. “Made It” matte is darker than “Infrared” matte shade.

Smashbox Made It Matte a

I like the packaging of this lipstick. The sleek rectangular case for the lipstick is solid and matte black color makes it premium looking.  You can also see the ingredients on side of the box.

Smashbox Made It Matte f

Smashbox Be Legendary “Made It” Matte Lipstick is highly pigmented. The formula is not exactly moisturizing, but it’s not particulary drying either. If you have dry lips, used a lip balm for the best look.  On application it felt heavy and slightly patchy, so I had to apply a few times to get the lipstick color even on my lips.  I wore it for about five hours and noticed no difference between when I applied it.  It did transfer a little bit but nothing to extreme and it also stained my lips after removal.

The left picture is not exposed to sunlight.

Rating : 9/10

Overall I love this lipstick so much.  Pigmentation is incredible, wear time is excellent even though it felt a little bit thick in my lips.  For the price (199 kr) I think it’s well worth if I look the result and maybe I want to buy for another matte shade.. haha..

So.. What do you think about this product?  please let me know on your comment..

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